Zion Heights Corporate Training

Zion Heights, has a  mission to bring dynamic change in individuals, educational institutions, and corporate, and help them function to their full potential. We focus on providing opportunities to people, which will sharpen their skills and improve their performance in order to build positive, steady, and profitable results. Zion Heights provides a comprehensive education environment to individuals and organizations, offers training that is customized to the varied needs of audiences with diverse backgrounds. Zion Heights has played a significant role in taking Leadership and Management leaning to the masses. We train over 1500 learners each year. Zion Heights, with a legacy of over 5 years in the education business, pioneers yet another initiative for extending Life Skills education corporate and educational institutions.

Courses offered

We conduct trainings for corporations, academic institutions and government institutions on the following topics:

The following are the topics –

  1. Supervisor training – the ABC’s of supervising others.
  2. Skills for the administrative assistant.
  3. Anger management – understanding anger.
  4. Hiring smart – behavioural interviewing techniques.
  5. Communication strategies
  6. Conflict resolution – dealing with difficult people.
  7. Facilitation Skills – becoming a great trainer.
  8. Negotiating for results
  9. Marketing and sales
  10. The minute taker’s workshop
  11. Budgets and managing money
  12. Orientation handbook – getting employees off to a good start
  13. Conducting effective performance reviews
  14. Sales – prospecting for leads like a pro
  15. Sales training – selling smarter
  16. Team building – developing high performance teams
  17. Train the trainer – the practical trainer
  18. Telemarketing – using the telephone as a sales tool
  19. Advanced writing skills
  20. Leadership training – becoming leadership material
  21. Customer service training – critical elements of customer service
  22. The proessional supervisor
  23. Motivating training – motivating your workforce
  24. Delegation – the art of delegating effectively
  25. Project management training – understanding project management
  26. Time management – get organised for peak performance
  27. Writing reports and proposals
  28. Speakeasy
  29. Change and how to deal with it
  30. Problem solving and decision making
  31. Building better teams
  32. Performance management – managing employee performance
  33. Building self esteem
  34. Conducting effective performance reviews
  35. Conflict resolution
  36. Dynamite sales presentation
  37. Employee dispute resolution
  38. Facilitation skills
  39. Overcoming objections to nail the sale
  40. Public speaking survival school
  41. Public speaking under pressure
  42. Train the trainer advanced skills
  43. Working smarter
  44. Workplace violence