Zion Heights AR/VR

We are a Virtual Reality Agency based in chennai INDIA. Our VR Agency specialize in virtual reality development, production and VR distribution and hosting. We offer a complete Virtual Reality solution to our customers. We do high-end virtual reality developments for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and 360° Video from production, filming, integration with our clients websites, or making use of Steam, Google Play, Apple Store, YouTube 360° and Facebook 360° video distribution.

Virtual Reality

Explore the limitlessness of Virtual Reality and find out how virtual reality can change the way that you do business. We develop high-end virtual reality software solutions and Mobile Virtual Reality solutions for marketing companies, brands and advertising agencies. Virtual Reality is an effective medium to use to demonstrate and educate people about your products!

Augmented Reality

 Augmented Reality is a Billion Dollar industry. It is going to change forever how we interact with digital devices and computers soon. In fact, it is already changing how we interact with digital objects. Augmented Reality makes people super humans, with access to information right there when they need it!

Virtual Tours

Whenever you need to sell something online or something that is too big for you to carry around then virtual tours is a very attractive solution to assist in selling your goods. Virtual Tours are ideal for Real Estate Agents, Property Developers, Architects, Retailers and large equipment resellers.

VR Medical Simulators

Zion Heights medical simulation delivers medical simulation, training healthcare professionals to provide consistently world-class patient management.  Zion Heights simulators replaces your cadaver with a customizable,high-definition,3D virtual patient that can be projected anywhere. A Zion Heights simulator allows you to reproduce patient’s presentations with unprecedented visual fidelity.

VR Industrial Simulators

Cost reduction, Enhancement of learning effectiveness, Close-up monitoring of every operator knowledge, Assistance in the decision-making process and perception of consequences, Evolution of the progress of each user and report generation available via web and mobile, Training in realistic virtual reality setting with no risk for the workers, Replicate situations hard to simulate in real life, Simulations with a motivating training system, Usage of productive hours of the facilities not required, Cut down costs and avoid unnecessary risks, Enhance the knowledge transferred to the team, Optimize processes and training quality.