Product Explainer Videos

At Zion Heights we have been creating animated explainer videos for years helping you to explain and promote your business, service, idea or products. Our animated business videos are engaging and fun to watch while encouraging users to share them with their social networks. You can also embed the videos to your website, upload it to social media sites like youtube or vimeo, show it as presentation to your prospective clients or play it on your LCD display at trade fairs.


Once we understand the requirements for the video, we start brainstorming a unique concept and storyline which our copywriters transform into a one-of-a- kind script that captures your views attention and drives a call to action.


Story board

The script is passed onto our talented team of illustrators who design characters and scenes that match your brand’s unique style and tone. We believe in collaboration, so you will certainly have the opportunity to review and make changes.

Voice over

We’ll let you choose the perfect voice from our curated selection of professional voice artists. All recordings are made on professional audio capture equipment and go through post-production to ensure your final product is of the highest audio quality.



This is where the magic happens; our in house experts bring together all the assets we created and make it come to life