Who We Are

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Zion Heights-E-learning Solutions

Our Team of instructional designers, graphic artists, and developers service the content needs of some of the large corporations. We have extensive experience in developing course material for instructor-led training, web-based training, and blended learning solutions, covering a wide variety of subject matter, including technical and non-technical topics. We understand that eLearning is not just about publishing content online; it is more about presenting the content in an innovative, interesting and easier-to-grasp format.


Our in-house team assesses the learning and defines what is to be learned, we start brainstorming a unique concept and storyline which our copywriters transform into a one-of-a- kind script that captures your views attention and drives a call to action.



Our experts then design the product based on the analysis Learning objectives are more specific, describing in more explicit detail what you expect that audience will know and be able to do. By using specific, measurable words we make it easier to develop your learning assessments. It also communicates more clearly to audience what they will be learning in the course.



The script is passed onto our talented team of illustrators who design characters and scenes that match your brands’ unique style and tone. We believe in collaboration, so you will certainly have the opportunity to review and make changes.



This is either the easiest step in the process. As meticulous planning was involved in the above processes all hindrances are avoided methodically. Implementation phase is when we get to see the fruits of our labor.


Voice over

We’ll let you choose the perfect voice from our curated selection of professional voice artists. All recordings are made on professional audio capture equipment and go through post-production to ensure your final product is of the highest audio quality.